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I'm looking to upgrade my current Directv setup to the whole home DVR setup. Here is what I currently have installed:

Living Room: HR20 with Swim Adapter, 2 Ethernet ports (1 currently used for ON Demand, other hooked to PS3)
Theater Room: HR20, 2 Ethernet ports (1 For On demand)
Master Bedroom: Standard def box, 2 Ethernet ports (none used)
Bedroom #1: Standard def box, 2 Ethernet ports (none used)

My questions are as follows:
1. What do I need equipment wise to get this upgraded? I know I will need HD boxes to replace the standard def boxes if I want to view in either of the bedrooms, but what other equipment will I need?
2. Can I install this stuff my self?
3. Will this cause me to be hooked back in for 2 yrs again? Currently operating without a commitment.
4. I'd like to go ahead an turn this on without changing the standard receivers out? Will I need to add any equipment to just share between the 2 receivers?
5. Anything else I missed or advice?

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