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Switching to Dish - Best way to get equipment?

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I'm wanting to switch from DirecTV to Dish (ViP-622). However, my house has a lot of trees around it. I have no problem seeing the D* birds (98/100 signal), but from what I can gather, the Dish birds are going to be about 7-degrees lower in elevation. This may present a problem with the treeline. I just can't be sure. I had to mount the D* dish on the chimney, but I'm not sure my somewhat unstable chimney will handle the load of the larger dish. The small 18" D* dish hasn't given me any problems for 6 years.

So, I called Dish first, and the CSR said that an installer would have to install the dish. However, they said I would be charged for the 622 even if the installer is unable to get a signal from the sats. Umm, no thanks!

So, I called the local Dish dealer. This wasn't fun. First, the guy told me that I needed the 625, not the 622. When I repeated that I wanted the HD service, he said the 625 does HD. Uh, I don't think that's correct. He then argued with me about how many receivers I wanted installed. When I finally got him to understand what I needed, he said they would do a site survey before I paid for anything. Nice. He said he was on his way, but that was 3 days ago. I called back, but no response.

I'm already getting a bad taste in my mouth for Dish. Why is this so difficult?

Can anyone recommend the best way to get Dish service, but be able to have the installer do a site survey first before I pay for anything? The trees are in my neighbor's yard, so there's nothing I can do about them.
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These are True, not magnetic Az values.

Latitude: 35.4531°N
Longitude: 89.8201°W

Satellite: 101.1°W
Azimuth: 199.0°
Elevation: 47.1°

Satellite: 110.0°W
Azimuth: 212.4°
Elevation: 43.6°

Satellite: 119.3°W
Azimuth: 224.3°
Elevation: 38.4°

Satellite: 61.5°W
Azimuth: 137.1°
Elevation: 39.1°

Satellite: 129.0°W
Azimuth: 234.6°
Elevation: 31.8°

There isn't a huge difference to get 110 & 119 compared to DirecTV's 101, but either 61.5 or 129 is a pretty wide swing from where you now point (in addition to being a lower elevation). You can do a decent "self site survey" by checking 60° toward the east from where the DirecTV dish (it is a single, not a 3 LNB that is already pointed at 110° - right?) now points to see if you can get 61.5°. When not obvious, you can look through a straw taped to a protractor at the listed elevations to see if tree limbs are in the way.

Other retailers from the website might be worthwhile?
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bderouen said:
What puzzles me, and what I think is wrong about what you were told is that they said you'd be charged for the 622 even if you couldn't get a signal. That's just not true. I just switched from Direct and i was told I'd have a 30 day guarantee. If the installer couldn't get it to work, or if I'm not happy within the first 30 days, they'd come pull it out and I woudl not owe a thing.
I agree about not having to pay the $200 if they can't get a signal, but disagree that if you choose to exercise the 30 day guarantee that you could get the $200 refunded. You ONLY get the 30 day guarantee if you commit to 18 months, and it covers the activation fee, monthly programming fees, DVR fee, waives the cancellation fee, ... but does NOT cover lease upgrade fees (the $200), PPV purchases, and the like.

your obligation to pay all lease upgrade fees (if applicable) and other fees, charges and other amounts (if any) applicable to your purchase of DISH Network services and/or use of related equipment, shall remain in full force and effect in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Residential Customer Agreement.​
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