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Switching to HR21

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My old HDVR2 is dieing a quick death and it is time to think about putting it out of our misery. I thought about purchasing a refurb directivo but I think I will just go with what Directv is offering.

After research here, I have decided to get the HD recorder even though I do not have HD yet. There does not seem to be any way to insure I get the R22 model so the only way to get the on demand and the networking is to go with the R20 or R21. And I am sure in the near future we will end up with an HD tv anyway.

So I have two questions. First from what I am reading on this site, it seems that I will most likely get the HR21. Does this sound right? I am in NJ if that matters.

Second, and this is the bigger thing, we have hours of recordings on my old directivo. What suggestions to people have for us to be able to watch from that. My only thought was to put the old box into the empty input on the front of my TV using RCA cables and we should be able to watch programming. Does that sound like it might work? Then I would connect the new HR21 to the main input in the back. Are there any other ideas?

I can get recordings off of my directivo onto my computer if needed. With TVersity would I be able to stream them from my computer to my new HR21? That is another option.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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That's right, it would be a big surprise if you didn't get an HR21. If you don't use an antenna there's no difference really.

As far as hooking up the old HDVR2, it seems like just hooking it to the TV and making the effort is the best way to go. You could move them to the computer but it seems like it would be a lot of effort.

Oh, and :welcome_s to DBSTalk!
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