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SWM-8 Help

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Before I purchase one, does anyone have a maual they can post or a diagram showing how to set it up?

I want to see how it's set-up before buying it. LIke how the wires inputs and outputs work.

It can be mounted outside right? Then one line coming inside to a HR20 and then another line going into the house to another room to a HR20?

Or do the lines have to com in firts to the power supplu, then back out of the house to the other DVR?

I hope I explained or asked about this correctly.
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Plus, there have been quite a few post in the installation section of these forums......:)
gio12, yes the SWM can be mounted outside but the PI needs to be inside. You need to run all 4 lines from the dish to the SWM.

The SWM has two SWM outputs. So you can run a line from SWM1 to the PI (install it inside. You can actually install it by one of your HR20's if you want.). From the PI to one of the HR20's.

Than from SWM2 run another line to the other HR20.

Once the lines are connected plug the PI in and give it a few seconds and than plug the HR20's and it will set everything up for you.

BTW remove the BBC's.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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