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bucsfan552 said:
Hello All,

I have 2 questions regarding the installation of the SWM Multiswitch LNB assembly.

1 - Will the new LNB assembly fit on the exisiting Slimline dish?

2 - If I use the new LNB assembly, is a separate SWM required to go single wire to a DVR?

Thanks for your help..
(1) Yes it will fit the Slimline just fine. Many of the testers already had it and just swapped the LNB.

(2) No. If you have the SWM LNB that is what you have. Another SWM is not necessary. Neither are BBC's. One single line to the HRxx's series is how it will work. Remember that the SWM LNB does not have any legacy ports. If your equipment is legacy it won't work
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