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fo71 said:
Hi... I looked at other threads and although they do mention SWM signal strentgh, they don´t mention what exactly what those numbers mean, so...

My question is, after installing an 8 channel SWM switch, my receivers now show "SWM" along with 101, 103's, 99's, 110 and 119 as if it was a sith satellite. It show signal strentgh transponders 1 thru 9. Does someone know what do this reading mean? What is being tested? Perhaps the communication between the receiver and the switch?

Thanks !
A SWM8 has eight channels for programing and one common channel for guide info. Add to this a 2.3 MHz comm signal.
The nine are what is being used from the SWM. Zeros will be there when not all the channels have a receiver using them.
If you lose your SAT feeds to the SWM, these SWM channels will also show zero too.
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