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SWM8 OTA Help.

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I just got my SWM8 installed and what a treat. They couldn't have made that easier. I hooked my antenna into the SWM8 and much to my surprise diplexing has killed my VHF signal. I had heard it would be as much as 25% at the most but we are looking at 75%.

My UHF signals where not effected that much roughly 25%. It's my upper VHF signal that was destroyed. It went from a signal strength of 75 / 80% to ZERO...

I'm using the Channel Plus V902 - Diplexer rated 40 - 2150 MHz. It didn't effect the D* signal strength at all, it stayed the same.

Is it this diplexer? Does diplexing in general kill VHF? Do I need a bigger antenna to compensate?

Thanks for the help,

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First thing to try is pulling the antenna from the ota port on the SWM and inserting a diplexer after the power inserter and inserting it there. See how that works. My experience with diplexing ota through the SWM is that the ota signal is attenuated quite a bit.

Sorry, I'm a noob. Can you help me out a bit with the insert the diplexer after the power inserter?
Ok, I replaced the Antenna Direct DB4 w/ the Terrestrial Digital V15... Where this is a little bigger antenna it was able to compensate for the significant loss I was getting.

Does anyone know the specs on the directv swm approved diplexers? Are they any different than the ones I have now?

Right now with the new antenna I'm at about 55% signal strength on all my local channels. If I take the diplexer off it goes to 95 / 100%.

I appreciate any / all the help.
thestaton said:
Sorry, I'm a noob. Can you help me out a bit with the insert the diplexer after the power inserter?
You have one coax from the SWM to the power inserter. Then you have a coax from the power inserter that goes to your receivers and DVRs.

Rather than insert the OTA into the SWM itself, run it to where the power inserter is located. Take the output of the PI and connect it to the satellite port of a diplexer. Take the OTA coax and connect it to the Antenna port of a diplexer. Then feed the rest of your system from the combined output port of that diplexer.

That will probably give you less signal loss than using the diplexer that is internal to the SWM itself.

Also, do a search on these forums. There was a thread (it may still be a sticky someplace) about good versus bad diplexers. A lot of good info in that thread.

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