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SWM8 w/ OTA what do I need?

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I am getting ready to order DirecTV for my new house (don't currently have DirecTV) and I am going to use an SWM8 due to only having 1 cable run to each room in the house. I have already ordered an SWM8 and a SWS-4 from Solid Signal. The house actually has an outdoor OTA antenna which I plan to use since there are no HD locals in my area from D*. I want to have as much in place as possible for when the installer comes since he technically won't be able to do anything with the SWM8.

From what I have gathered, I can run the 4 feeds from the dish (and 1 feed from the 72.5 dish in my market) along with 1 feed from the OTA antenna all to the SWM8 outdoors. From there I will only have to run 1 wire inside of the house. Inside the house I will put the Power Supply in line and then split the signal with the SWS-4. I assume I need diplexers at the receivers. Can anybody recommend a good diplexer?

Am I missing anything else that I need to get? Is my estimation on how things wlll be set up correct?

Thanks for the help!
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Your estimation is correct.

The internal diplexer in the SWM8 has proven dissapointing to many. If you have the option of running a coax from the antenna to the power inserter location, you may get better results by diplexing the signal in at that point (at the output of the PI).

There is a thread here someplace that specifically discusses diplexers and splitters, which are good and which are lacking. A search should produce that for you.

As to the installer, my suggestion would be to get the setup running without any diplexing during installation. Once the installer leaves, do your diplexing.

The SWM does have flexport inputs for the 72.5, but I'm not aware of anyone who is doing that. It should work. Your SD locals will be off of 72.5 before the end of the year though and you will get them from 99 or 103.

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