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shotime said:
Does anyone know the basic difference between the older swm8 ( non green label ) and the newer swm8 ( green label ). I want to usep to connect several HR22s and several older sd receivers.
As long as "several" means 4 or fewer HR22s (hooked to a SWM outputs via splitter), and 3 or fewer old SD receivers (each connected directly to one of the three "legacy" outputs), it should work. If it's a NON-green-label SWM8 and you ever install DECA networking (as part of Whole Home or otherwise), then you will need a Band Stop Filter between the SWM8 output and the splitter. "Green label" SWM8s have the BSF built in. Splitters used should be "green label" also if you ever intend to use DECA/whole home.

If you wish to exceed the above limits, you will need a SWM16 instead. They're cheap on eBay. They can feed up to 8 SWM DVRs, plus 4 legacy devices directly (and an unlimited number of legacy devices using multiswitches). Also, the SWM8's legacy outputs tend to be a bit weak, and the SWM16 fixes that.

Don't forget to get the appropriate PI-29 Power Inserter, required for any SWM8 or SWM16 installation.

Note that using a SWM8, or any use of Legacy outputs, puts the installation outside of Directv's "normal" category. They won't install a system that way. Doesn't sound like that concerns you too much.

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