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Stephens24 said:
Just a general question with SWMLine after the dish can I go into a channel master 4002 diplexer to bring in OTA then into a SWS-4 splitter, then use the powerpass on that to go downstairs (which is the best place for me to mount the PI) into the PI then out of the PI into another diplexer (4001) into my main HD DVR and am21. THen the rest of the lines would be going into the SWS-4 splitter upstairs.

Basically in the basement is the best place for me to mount the PI. Also thats where my main TV is.

So my questions are

1. Can I powerpass twice through the Channel Master 4002---------SWS4-------PI ?

2. Also, are there benefits to having the PI going directly (except for getting diplexed out) into my main TV ? If so what are they?

Sorry about the big quote, but I've found that utilizing the output of the PI is a 'bad' thing; put in another STS4 splitter at the powerout of the PI, and 'split off' your 'local' receiver/DVR's from there (having the power, of course, going through the power spigots on the STS4 then out going off to wherever the SWM. and the 4002 splitter is at.

I did a LOT of 'messing around' with the PI/SWM when I first got my hands on one several months ago, and found that this was the better way to go. So...

PI----STS4------4002---SWM with any receivers off the initial STS4.

Additional STS4's can be placed between the inital STS4 and the 4002, and then off to wherever. Place the 4002's right at the back of the receivers/DVR's, to split the sat/OTA signal right at that point. So...

...........4002........To OTA
............| |

Of course, if you have an OTA amplification system (like any MDU system, you can 'overcome' the internal SWM power splitting but cranking up the input to the OTA input on the SWM, but for your typical family home setup, how you're going about it is fine.

If you're just starting out, get a couple (or more) of those STS4's; they're EXTREMELY handy in designing or upgrading your system, and are very cheap. Just make sure the 'power' plugs on them 'point' down the correct cable from the PI to the SWM.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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