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cudwortho said:
I have the dish 1000+ hooked to the 622 receiver. When I check the system info it says there is an error on 118. 129, 119, & 110 are all green and fine, but 118 is red.

It was professionally installed about a month ago when I upgraded to the 622. Does the sat need to be realigned? And am I missing anything by not getting 118?

Also when i run point dish thru the receiver 129, 119 & 110 are all green with great signal strengths, but 118 is green but signal strength varies between 60-75.

Any comments will be appreciated.

I have a 1000+ running into a 622 as well, for my Local HD channels in the Detroit area. I've experienced the same problem as you. My signal strength on 118 remains in the upper 60's-70's but System Info screen always shows an error on that sat only. I've never lost signal so far and don't appear to have any other side effects from this condition. I would agree it's likely just an issue with the screen. My installer advised that 118 can be a little tricky sometimes but the signal strength does not need to be as high as the other sats to maintain lock.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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