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Tailgating rookie

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hey all, hoping someone can help. My neighbor gave me his round generic directv dish that he had just installed but didn't like it so I decided to try it out tailgating. I mounted it on a cement patio block, put some carpet under it and had it on top of my car to tailgate at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ. First time I tried it, I got the signal after 30 minutes and it seemed all was well. Second time was not successful. I got the signal on my hughes receiver but when I hit "watch tv" it just stayed on "updating guide". On the signal screen I also noticed "mismatch" message. How can I have a signal and it doesn't work? I was switching back & forth from 101 to 119. Does my satelite shaft the I bolted in have to be straight up and then I just adjust the tilt of the dish? Thanks for any help someone can offer. I think I just lucked out the first time, i'm confused. Any ideas?
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ApK said:
Not sure if it's relevent here, but were your two attempts over 30 days apart, with the reciever disconnected in the time between?
I hear from the RV users around here that if a receiver is disconnected for 30 days, you have to call customer service to reactivate it.
He could have a point, but mine says "You are not authorized for this program." A quick call to D8 and it's fixed. That always happens after a few weeks when the Steelers are on local TV and I don't use the dish.

Other than that, I assume the tried the obvious stuff like a box reboot and everything...
ddukes25 said:
I took the active receiver from my basement and took it to the game. First time, 2 weeks ago, it worked. Last weekend it did not. When I got home, I just hooked it back up and it works fine. Should I have the base of the dish stick straight up and only adjust the dish part. Right now the base it tilted forward. does it matter? Thanks for the help!
For a round dish, it doesn't matter if the dish is upside down. As long as you can move up/down, left/right, and tune in 101 at a good strong signal strength, the STB should work fine.

I wonder if you were pointing at one of the other sat locations instead of the main 101 sat, and your old STB that likely only ever was made to point at 101 had no idea what to do...
My advice: Practice makes perfect.

Go out to your driveway and reenact the tailgate set up until you figure it out and can do it every time...
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