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Take a look at this cable v DBS BS

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From my main franshises' web site. I really like how they speak of the cable only WB and Satellite Internet access. :mad:

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:lol: A little truth mixed with a lot of BS!
"Signal is one way and does not offer Internet access."

Does this mean one couldn't post here?
Oops I posted it in the potpourri by mistake...moving...
DirecTV is carrying over 40 local channel markets. Time Warner is using false advertising making it seem affiliates are only from L.A. and Boston.

What Comcast did for awhile was run ads saying on the dish you dont get the UPN and WB. Now they stopped this.

On print material, they'll have "Access to local sports programming" as a pro for cable though. Because of lack of Comcast SportsNet.

I really like my DirecTV system alot. For $39.99 Total Choice Plus (includes local channels), add $12 for HBO, another $5 for additional receiver outlet fee, Total: $57 no tax. Comcast here charges $40 for analog cable (70 channels including Comcast SportsNet, parttime Hallmark with parttime EWTN, parttime CSPAN2), another $17 for a 3 channel analog HBO package(HBO, HBO2, HBO Signature), no TV Guide Channel(common on many cable systems though missing on mine here), digital cable only way to get onscreen program guide. So Comcast charges $57, same as DirecTV option I mentioned but their are SO many more features with DirecTV than what Comcast is giving for $57/monthly.
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What I wonder is where the hell did they get Boston from? It they should have put NYC, but that would still be misinformation. I would much rather have NYC and LA locals then my locals anyhow. And I could care less about their stupid RNews channel, Ive seen this on analog cable at school, its basically like a local version of CNN HN for Rochester and they repeat the same storeis all the time.
The same type of drivel is spewed out here for Time-Warner in Akron/Canton. While there are some upfront costs for DBS, if you have a couple of TV's, Digital Cable is'nt cheap. I get a lot more programming choices with DBS. And PQ is better overall.
Steve do they have Video-On-Demand there yet..
They have had some really funny newspaper ads here with "Dumb and Dumber" lookalikes talking about the IControl Digital cable boxes.
BTW maybe the reason they run so many of the same stories on the Rochester news channel is because not much happens there?.:)
No, I dont believe VOD is offered yet but its in the works. When it is it wont be offered in my area for a while. TW likes to start with Rochester and the go west when they upgrade them selfs. This has happedned with Road Runner, digital cable, the adding of the additional Cinemaxes and Showtimes and the addition of HD content. I literally live just a few miles from the Adelphia-TW boarder for western NY. Tim when you come to this area at the end of the month your Hotel, if they have cable, will have Adelphia. Adelphia has always had a better channel line up around here, but there prices are sky high.
I actually watch "Fan TV" on Empire Sports once in awhile. I enjoy good locally produced sports shows. Also caught bits of the Rochester/Syracuse doubleheader last night. I hope with the Adelphia/Rigas family problems they wont cut back on Empire Sports and make it more of a FSN clone than it already is.
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