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What features do you use or access? Skip the ones you never use.

  • Help Topics (Main Menu)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Parental Controls

    Votes: 20 4.0%
  • Caller ID

    Votes: 70 14.1%
  • Favorite Lists

    Votes: 253 51.0%
  • On Demand

    Votes: 327 65.9%
  • MediaShare – Photos

    Votes: 318 64.1%
  • MediaShare – Music

    Votes: 143 28.8%
  • MediaShare – Video

    Votes: 162 32.7%
  • DLB Workaround (Record one tuner, pause Live TV, toggle between)

    Votes: 123 24.8%
  • Viewing: Format Changes (using FORMAT button)

    Votes: 149 30.0%
  • Viewing: YELLOW > View Previous Channels

    Votes: 104 21.0%
  • Viewing: YELLOW > Closed Captioning

    Votes: 108 21.8%
  • Viewing: Change Audio Options (via YELLOW menu or GREEN)

    Votes: 119 24.0%
  • Viewing: 30 Second SLIP (default behavior)

    Votes: 32 6.5%
  • Viewing: 30 Second SKIP (modified behavior)

    Votes: 177 35.7%
  • Viewing: Instant Replay

    Votes: 262 52.8%
  • Viewing: Skip to Tick

    Votes: 279 56.3%
  • Viewing: Skip to Beginning or Skip to End

    Votes: 264 53.2%
  • Mini-Guide (via BLUE while Viewing)

    Votes: 162 32.7%
  • Guide in Full Screen

    Votes: 161 32.5%
  • Guide Jump 12 hours ahead

    Votes: 393 79.2%
  • Guide Jump 12 hours behind

    Votes: 419 84.5%
  • Guide Filters (GUIDE > GUIDE)

    Votes: 282 56.9%
  • Guide Options – Sort programs by Category

    Votes: 131 26.4%
  • Guide Options - Jump to date & Time

    Votes: 46 9.3%
  • Guide Single Channel Listing (GUIDE > LEFT > INFO)

    Votes: 200 40.3%
  • Go to Playlist using MENU > My Playlist

    Votes: 158 31.9%
  • Go to Playlist using the LIST button

    Votes: 106 21.4%
  • Playlist: YELLOW > Mark programs to Delete

    Votes: 340 68.5%
  • Playlist: YELLOW > Sort programs by Cateory

    Votes: 65 13.1%
  • Playlist: YELLOW > Change order of Playlist

    Votes: 14 2.8%
  • Playlist: YELLOW > Open/Close All

    Votes: 41 8.3%
  • Playlist: Group Play

    Votes: 17 3.4%
  • Search for Shows by Title

    Votes: 90 18.1%
  • Search for Shows by Person

    Votes: 420 84.7%
  • Search for Shows by Channel

    Votes: 120 24.2%
  • Search for Shows by Keyword - simpple search

    Votes: 75 15.1%
  • Search for Shows by Keyword - Boolean/advanced search

    Votes: 281 56.7%
  • Run Recent Searches

    Votes: 101 20.4%
  • Manage Recordings: To Do List

    Votes: 174 35.1%
  • Manage Recordings: VOD Queue

    Votes: 465 93.8%
  • Manage Recordings: Prioritzer

    Votes: 192 38.7%
  • Manage Recordings: History

    Votes: 428 86.3%
  • Manage Recordings: Purchases

    Votes: 227 45.8%
  • Manage Recordings: Manual Rec.

    Votes: 47 9.5%
  • Manage Recordings: Rec. Defaults

    Votes: 162 32.7%
  • Scheduling Recordings using One Touch Single Program Record – Pressing (R) in Guide/Live TV

    Votes: 234 47.2%
  • Scheduling Recordings via INFO > Rec. Series

    Votes: 438 88.3%
  • Scheduling Recordings via One Touch Series Link Recording – Pressing (R)(R) in the Guide

    Votes: 289 58.3%
  • Scheduling Recording via Auto Record Series Links (created from Keyword Searches)

    Votes: 391 78.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 184 37.1%

Take the poll and tell what features you use or have active! (Are you patient?)

5169 Views 94 Replies 47 Participants Last post by  Mike Bertelson
So you have a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR ... how do you use it? What features have you setup or activated on your DVR? What features do you never use?

I see posts all the time about people saying they always use Feature A, but never use Feature B, so I'm curious to see how people REALLY do use their DVRs ... to see what features people never use, so here's a poll ... and it's not a short one!

I tried to list as many features as I could, but I may have overlooked something so please "write in" with what I missed. This poll may require some patience (may? he says!), so to all those intrepid enough to make it to the end ... Thanks!

So look through the poll ... it's multiple choice. If there's a feature you use, everyday or even only occasionally, vote for it to indicate you have used it. If there's a feature you NEVER use, just leave that option blank.

I'm hoping that given enough participants we'll get a good sampling of how people use their DVRs ... to see how many people SEARCH, use the BLUE mini-guide, SKIP or SLIP, use Media Share, etc. Not scientific, but hopefully informative ... :)

Thanks for your time!
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Wow ... the poll has been open only 5 minutes, and 3 voters already! :lol:
Done. The only other option I would have like to vote for is "Group Play" but I use sort by A-Z so inside the folders the episodes are never in the correct order.
Drew2k said:
So you have a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR ... how do you use it? What features have you setup or activated on your DVR? What features do you never use?
Thanks Drew2k! Your poll gave me the answer to one of the things I wondered about. Can you list the guide by channel. So now I know its (GUIDE > LEFT > INFO).

My vote for Other is going to setup every day to try and get network to ummmmm.... Behave, that's it, behave.;)

Wow, that's a long list. I didn't realize how many features the DVR had and I many (about 70%) I actually used.

I use Parental Controls, but only to lock the system and set purchases at $0 so there can be no inadvertant purchases - I don't use it to restrict viewing, I enable viewing everything.
Great poll, Drew!
i create "bookmarks" in the recording & use that feauture alot as well.
"Guide in Full Screen" :scratchin

Are we talking about a "full guide" without the little preview window in the upper right hand corner? If so, how do we select that option?
Nice job. Also this might be a nice list of things people may not have known they could do.
My Other - I set up recordings at DIRECTV.com as well.
tfederov said:
My Other - I set up recordings at DIRECTV.com as well.
same here
Only checked off 15. I never use the yellow button out of protest.:)
I would think more people would use "Run Recent Searches " I use that at least twice a week.
I would love to use the mini-guide more, but the blue button is awkward placement. I wish it was activated via up or down on the directional pad.
There where some options there I didn't even recognize. I'll have to try some of them when I get home.
I had no idea you could have so many choices for a poll !!
I use very few. I basically set up all my recordings in the guide and then modify them for when to stop. I will search ahead 12 hours. I check the to do list, prioritizer and history via Menu. I use the List button. I then just FF through the commercials when watching a recording. The only thing I watch live, is the Packers game on Sunday.
1 - 20 of 95 Posts
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