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Taking things into my own hands or how to live with a HR20

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Since I've decided to start living on the latest releases as they come out I've added my HR10-250 back into the mix. I figure a lot of other folks are in the same situation as I am and are having isues with the HR20 causing you to miss shows etc and, also have their old HR10-250 lying around.

Here's how I made it work together and even took advantage of the new features of the HR20.

I have a 5 LNB dish with the HR20 in the living room and a DirecTiVo standard definition in the bedroom. Which means all outputs are being used. I also had taken down my rooftop UHF HD antenna since I was getting locals via the satellite.

I got a Zinwell WB68 multiswitch to get me enough outputs to run 3 dual tuner DVRs in the house. I put all 4 of the inputs from the satellite into the Multiswitch and ran cable (under the house, somewhat backbreaking) to the DVRs. Also figured it was a good time to clean up the cabling and replace it with new coax cable which I did.

I did not diplex the OTA signal from the re-installed roof antenna into the Multiswitch but rather split it right behind the two HD DVRs which are right next to each other. No issues with OTA on either receiver.

I also hooked a ethernet cable into the HR20 and into the Airport Express base station hooked up to the AV reciever. Worked like a champ, the base station happily gave it a IP address and it was on the network. Too bad all I have are macs and can't really use this feature right now but, it's there and ready.

So now I have 3 DVR's with 2 tuners each. The HR10 and HR20 are set to record the same shows so now I'm preotected from any HR20 bugs preventing me from watching the shows I want to watch since the HR10 will have them as well.

As soon as the HR20 becomes reliable I can decomission the HR10 again.

But, now I'm protected and the bugs of the HR20 are not as worrysome and I can test th latest versions and see if they address the issues I face. Which the only major one is the immediate delete prompt.
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Completely understand what you've done and why. I had pulled my HR10s and replaced them with HR20s until the problems surfaced. Now I have several HR20s in one room as a test lab and the HR10s back in primary service. I pulled all the lines from one 6x8 switch into this room thru the attic shuttle hole just to setup this lab.

In the test lab the HR20s are recording on very similar schedules. The only differences are known test differences to test padding, MPEG4 vs MPEG2, SD vs. HD, and manual recurrings. When I have a bit more time I'll add OTA to the mixture as all have release 0x108. (Wasn't home last night for 10b.)

At one time or another 3 have locked up under release 0xFA. We'll see how x108 works while I'm on the road this week.

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