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"...watch Shakira...belly dance nearly life-size across your wall"

So you just got a 42-inch high-definition TV set and you think you've caught up
with the Joneses. Well, I was just watching a 90-inch image at home, with
equipment that cost about the same as a plasma TV. Any buyer's remorse?

Maybe you should feel a little bit of regret, but don't take me too seriously. I've
been trying out two new home theater projectors, each of which gave me sharp,
gigantic images, at the cost of some significant drawbacks.

Projectors have been a bit overlooked now that HDTVs are starting to catch on
in earnest. In part, I think this is because of inertia: People are used to watching
a TV at home, and when they upgrade, they get something that fits in the
entertainment center. ...

More @ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.com
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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