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Tech Visit 8/9/2012

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So I called tech support the other day because my HR21 in the living room (even after two hard resets) still would freeze when playing a DVR recording periodically. I did a third reset and it seems to have helped and I hadn't noticed any more freezes. I've had this particular HR21 since beginning with Directv 3 plus yrs ago. The tech on the phone said that they could send me another replacement, but I said I would just give it another week or so because I didn't want to lose any of the recordings, and that if it was still acting up after a week, I would call back.

While on the phone, she told me I was eligible for a free HD DVR if I signed another two year contract and it would be no extra charge based on my plan - and since I had 1 yr and 7 months left on my contract anyway, I went ahead with it. She said in order to do that she would have to send someone out, which was today.

The tech arrived and was really nice and arrived with a BRAND NEW sealed in box hr24. OMG this thing is SOO much better than the 21's! I've never had any experience with the 22's or 23's. While he was here, he also enabled internet on my whole home. During the setup with the remote on the new receiver, I asked if he could put in the 30SKIP and he said, "What is that?" He was never more shocked when I explained to him that you could change it to skip through commercial instead of slip. He said that was the first thing he was going to do when he got home. I couldn't believe he didn't know that.

After he left, I noticed that all the channels that are dedicated HD only channels (with no SD duplicates) were not coming in as if I didn't subscribe to them. ( I think it's called the HD Extra pack), so I called in and the CSR said those fell off today, and that I could add them back if I wanted for 4.95 or 6.95 (can't remember) per month.......I thought those came with the current plan I have. She said those were not with the current package I have. Am I wrong in that when you get FREE HD that those channels are not included?
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Free HD just means you don't pay the $10 per month HD fee. It has nothing to do with what channels you get.

As for the HD Extra package, if you're not subscribed, you can get 3 months free - they always offer that. Cancel just before the end of 3 months and then reactivate for 3 more.
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