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The absolute coolest windows tip I've ever seen!

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Thought I would pass this along to all the bad spellers, :D as I am, I used this alot before DBSTalk got a Spellchecker.
I still use it at other forums I visit.

Awhile back I was flipping through PCmag and one of my favorite sections is user-to-user and this turned in a little code snippet that runs a spellcheck in a webform, through IE using the MS Word spellcheck/grammar engine!

All credit to Neil J. Rubenking of PC Mag and contributer Dan Rollins.

Create a file called spellcheck.js and put it somewhere save (c:\My Documents or maybe c:\spellcheck).

Cut and paste the following code

oShell= new
oShell.SendKeys( "^c" ); // copy
oWord= new ActiveXObject("Word.Application");
oWord.Visible= true;
var nRet= oShell.Popup(
"Apply changes?\nClick OK to replace all selected text.",
"Spell Check Complete",
33 );
if ( nRet == 1 ) {
oShell.SendKeys( "^v" ); // paste

Now, drag the file from the folder to the Links bar in IE to create a shortcut to the script. Right-click the shortcut, choose Rename, and name it Spell Check.

Now, next time your pounding away on a great post, when you're finished hit CTRL-A to select the entire post, then click the Spellcheck button in the Link Bar. It will open Word, paste your post in a document, run spell check, and when you're done it will close word and paste the spellchecked/grammar checked document back into the MESSAGE FRAME.
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