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Was that maybe the pregame show? Normally, the bar across the bottom of the screen during games on Bally Sports baseball broadcasts is much less than 20% of the screen (see screenshot below) -- and although the right-hand side does cycle through various info, it doesn't really include any specific betting info.

(Or maybe they were doing a test of a possible new graphics package for 2023, on a meaningless late-season game between two teams that were out of the playoffs.)

The example I watched was MUCH thicker than that. It was at least up to where the pitching line was on this screenshot. It was not during the pre-game but during the actual game (maybe like the 4th inning?) I didn't watch the whole game but every time I flipped to it that was what the screen looked like. Maybe whichever team's feed just shows that and it's not universal across all BSN games.
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