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Simplest solution I've found so far: As soon as the error message pops up, just press the Guide button. 4K HDR content will display after that.
I have had a 4k Joey since December connected to a Samsung 4k TV with HDR. From the 4k Joey I can not see the 4K channels. But I can record the 4K HDR football games on the Hopper, still canot see the 4k HDR recording but if I move the recording to an external attached disk drive the 4k joey will see the recording and play it. My TV tell me it is playing the recording in 4k HDR mode. Also If I use game finder and I get the popup saying the games is start on the channel 540 HDR channel, the 4k Joey will tune to the channel and play it in 4K HDR mode. However if I change the channel the 4k Joey will not allow me to watch it anymore. Support has been useless....I heard many different reasons why and even one "level 3 support person" said a FW release would be coming but that was over 6 months ago.
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