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The End of TV as We've Known It - A Rant

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It was bound to happen and it finally has. TV has started to feed upon itself -- to eat it's young, as it were.

Waking up from a nap just now, I discover that I have descended into some sort of talk show purgatory, a state not quite hell, but I no longer have my feet on the solid ground of reliable, believeable televisiion scheduling.

I look at my EPG, only to discover that the new Katie Couric show, "Katie", is positioned directly opposite the "Wendy (windy?) Williams Show" -- same time slot, different station. Now, since I don't (and won't) watch either one, that really doesn't matter. What does matter, tho, is that while Wendy is hosting her show, in the very same time slot, but on a different channel, Wendy is also appearing as a guest on the "Katie" show. Remind me not to play poker with the programmer who pulled that rabbit out of a hat.

So there you have it! The end of tv -- two talk show hosts interviewing each other while one simultaneously hosts her own show. I've always thought that the idea of tv news reporters interviewing each other was bad, but this?!?! Give me a break!

Now, just where did Vizio hide that on/off knob?
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Both shows are taped (or should I say recorded?) a few days before they air, and in each market the local stations choose what time to air the shows. So these shows may not be airing opposite each other in other markets.
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