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What do you guys think of this show? Personally, although I agree with him a lot, James Carville creeps me out a little. I think Bob Novak needs to be replaced as he is out of his league with the other three.

Tucker Carlson is the Golden Boy of the GOP. That perpetually tousled hair and bow-tie combination probably keep the chicks tuned in. He is by far the most obnoxious in the way he berates people and won't let anyone get in an alternative viewpoint. Carville is obnoxious in personality, but he occasionaly lets people get a word in.

Paul Begala is good, and doesn't seem to ruffle too many feathers, a good antidote to Carville. Carlson could use someone to balance him out a bit, and Novak doesn't do it.

Today's show was interesting. Carlson played a bit of video of Al Gore giving an Earth Day speech, complaining about the Bush administration's environmental policies. Tucker pointed out that only two percent of Americans put the environment at the top of their list of concerns. Is this the leadership the Democrats are pushing? Then they don't have a chance, chortled Tucker.

Of course, Gore was giving a speech on Earth Day, so what the hell else could he be expected to talk about? Neither of the DEMS on the show seemed to get this point across. Dubya gave a speech on Earth Day too, saying that he and Laura celebrate it every day because they own their own land. Kind of an unintentional stab at the working poor who don't own their own land. What do you expect? Dubya was unscripted. Did Crossfire show that clip? No. Just Gore and the two percent heralded by Carlson.

Plus, maybe Americans don't have the environment high on their list because they are so majorly concerned about other things, things maybe this administration is not handling well. DEMS could have mentioned that too.

All in all, it's better than before, and better than Hannity and Colmes where Alan Colmes doesn't have a chance to stand up to the arrogant prig of a high-school dropout shouter, Sean Hannity.

So who likes the New Crossfire?
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