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The Newsroom: "5/1" OAD 8/5/12 ***SPOILERS***

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Why do I like Aaron Sorkin's writing?

"Toss me the remote." :lol:
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It was both a smartly humorous and emotionally stirring episode. The show has found its own rhythm.

People who haven't seen and won't see this episode of this show will have missed great TV.
I was OK until the sop thrown towards the "You shouldn't feel happy abut this" crowd at the end. Nauseating. I'm pretty far away from the right wing political spectrum, but seriously...making a point of the crew being on a United flight (and then the pilot and copilot shake hands like they did something, which was confusing) and then telling the bodyguard, who tells the cops...and then "maybe we shouldn't be happy about this"

Just kind of tonally off.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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