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The only problem I've seen so far

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I've been running the box now for 2 weeks and I've only noticed one thing - on recorded shows when I attempt to switch to secondary audio (DD) the audio will drop out for about 10 seconds - sometimes the picture will pause, and the controls are unresponsive. Usually, just waiting until it's over is all that's needed.

Note that since I don't have HD programming yet, this is just on standard def channels.

Is this related to other problems that have been noted?
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I've been up and running on a 3 LNB dish for a week (waiting to get some trees removed before the AT9 install) and the only apparent glitch I've noticed is that sometimes, when watching live TV, the transport buttons (e.g., pause, rewind) don't do anything. Is there a minimum amount of time you have to be tuned to a channel before these can be used or should they be operational pretty much immediately?

I haven't done a reset to see if this issue goes away, since word is that there will be a software update this coming week.

If the usual late Tuesday night time slot holds for the update, I wonder if any people followinf election results in closely contended states will lose their feed at a critical moment, just as an announcement is about to be made. Not real likely, but kind of an intriguing possibility.
Have you noticed that on both HD and SD channels? I don't do a whole lot of pausing or rewinded live TV, but I haven't noticed that delay when doing so.
There are simply times that this box is unresponsive. I notice it all the time. The box lights flash, so I know it's receiving the command bu tit doesn't respond.

IMO, it's just another software bug that needs to be fixed!
NFLnut said:
The box lights flash, so I know it's receiving the command bu tit doesn't respond.
Perhaps you should tweak its' nipple?

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