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The Shawshank Redemption versus Forrest Gump versus Pulp Fiction

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In my opinion, these three films are wonderful......... But which one is the best........

I pick Shawshank............

Who do you pick?
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shawshank, without a doubt....


Another Vote for Shawshank. There were sooooo many good actors and characters and scenes.
Shawshank! Gotta stick with SK :)
Shawshank - my favorite movie based on a Stephen King story
Has to be Shawshank. The only movie that will stop me from watching anything else when it is on TNT.
Such quotes as "Let me tell you something, Hope Can be a mighty dangerous thing..."
Now lets switch the movies around, Shawshank vs Braveheart. As that point the decision becomes a little harder?!?!
Hmmm. sorry Stephen, I'm gonna have to go with Braveheart here
nope-shawshank still ther best....
Were there any Blue Face painted Scotsmen in Shawshank? That is hard to beat! :p
well, there WAS a LOT of something brown on tim robbins' face towards the end...
Shawshank vs Road to Pertition, maybe a little closer themeatically (is that a word?)
Pulp fiction vs Desperado vs Dusk to Dawn
Dusk to Dawn = Vampire Strippers, we have a WINNER!!!! :p
Forrest Gump. I'm kinda sentimental by nature, though. Tom Hank was incredible in that movie (as he is in most movies). I believe in twenty years, that will be considered his signature movie.
I think for Hanks his signature movie would be Castaway, So much screen acting time only him and Wilson. or Philadelphia due to the strength of portraying a dying man. I think in Gump he was underacting and alot since since Gump was not able to show emotion very well. While he does the underacting superbly, he isn't stretched as much as Castaway or Philadelphia?

But then again, who knows how these movies will hold up with time.
i would hope hanks signature movie wouldn't be castaway, unless the dvd comes up with the two hour middle section i assume the director cut out for time's sake(i'm hoping i'm right about that and that it'll show up on a special director's edition dvd-if not, then cast away is a film with a gutted middle section story wise-one of the MAIN reasons i was disappointed in it...)

if hanks has a signiture film in his canon at this point, i would say it would be gump...
Shawshank was one of the greatest movies I ever seen. It defiantly tops all the others mentioned.
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