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NEW YORK (AP) A lot too much has happened since "The Sopranos" completed its third season.

That was in May 2001 as HBO's great drama wrung out a finale of unrelieved foreboding.

Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT, "The Sopranos" kicks off another 13 weekly episodes. And not a moment too soon.

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i am wondering if there is some significance to tony siricio(sic), the actor who plays paulie walnuts, having his back turned to the reat of the cast in the recent magazine ads(there were indications that paulie might turn on tony this season in the final ep last season)...just wondering if chase is playing cute...lol

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Originally posted by bogi
Episode 1-4 of Season 4 are on Kazaa HBO must be mad:D
You know it really burns me up when Hollywood wants to put on tons of copy protection on BROADCAST shows, when they cannot even keep them secret before they are shown.

The only way all these things get out before they are broadcast and released is insiders doing the leaking. NOT people recording at home.
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