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Over the next month I'll be curious to hear from the ViP211 users in the various DMA's reporting the audio dropout problem who record from the HD channel Fox's Sunday animated show lineup. Let me elaborate and I'm sorry if it seems like a rant.

From Tech Forum Summary - November 10th, 2008 thread original post:
James Long said:
Product Updates
Rename: "My Media" instead of "USB Storage"
ViP-622/722 DVR - EHD Folders (expected November 20th - 612 early next year)
I too heard that comment from a Echostar Engineering big wheel. I also got this in a November 6 email from an Echostar Engineering lesser wheel:
The software development team is testing a potential fix for the audio dropouts at this time, and we plan to have a production release sometime later this month.

Thanks again for all your help and patience,
Now, I'm not so dumb as to think "expected" meant something other than the well known Echostar/Dish Network "soon", which we all know clearly means "in the next hour or never." And I knew the Echostar Engineering big wheel was talking out his rear end because the ViP612 has had the EHD folder feature for awhile now. And I respect the Engineering Supervisor who sent me the email for her careful wording. But...

As near as I can tell, for at least six months because of software changes the entire ViP series DVR's are experiencing significant audio dropout on local HD recordings in a meaningful number of DMA's. (See the ViP622/ViP722 - L5.12/L6.10/L6.12/L6.14 Audio Related Issues Discussions thread which will soon have its 500th post.)

As near as I can tell on this November 20 morning, no fix has been released to see if it will actually work on any of those ViP's in any of those DMA's.

What has been released this week is software to turn ViP211 receivers into a DVR using a USB external hard drive (EHD). I have three EHD's I use on my ViP722 and ViP612 DVR's. As many others have noted on various threads, EHD's don't always work perfectly, plus those pesky audio dropouts do occur when I play a recording directly from the EHD.

I'm sure this new ViP211 software designed to work with 100+ different third party hard drives has been thoroughly field tested by, let's say, 500 Echostar and Dish employees and dealers in DMA's such as the San Francisco Bay Area and St. Louis for the past two months to be certain it works without audio dropout. We know they wouldn't have released it after testing it only in DMA's like Denver where there is no audio dropout.

If the audio dropout occurs on the ViP211's it would mean to some stock market analysts that a panicked management is prioritizing what is being released to customers based on issues unrelated to software engineering realities.

If that were the case, a truly independent Dish Network Corporation run by the Charlie we all know and love would sue a truly independent Echostar Corporation for delivering products without having adequately field tested for a known defect that exists in all the other ViP DVR's.

Fortunately, Charlie probably won't sue himself. And fortunately I have yet to see a stock market analyst reporting on Dish/Echostar who actually knows anything.

So, I hope to hear glowing reports on ViP211 recordings from folks in the audio-dropout-affected areas of California, Missouri, Idaho, Oregon, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, etc.

NOTE TO ViP622/722/612 users: if you experience the audio dropout problem, please report it on the ViP622/ViP722 - L5.12/L6.10/L6.12/L6.14 Audio Related Issues Discussions thread as we know Echostar Engineering is monitoring it.
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