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lunatweeker said:
as a directv agent im finding that the weakest link in the whole outfit

is the companys that directv pays for the installls

Mastec 877 889 7880

ironwood 800 805 8570

by far these companys are run by ****** and ****** and thats the good side

and lets not forget lazy thiefs trying to gouge as much money from the install as they can

i was on hold with one of them for 20 min. and they just hung up


Mod Edit: I removed the two "offensive" (one which was done in a way to skirt past the filters)... Let's just say, they are not the most complementary terms
This is a two way street.

I've been on the line with D reps trying to get customers boxes activated for a hour before. The CSR kept saying, just another minute. This was embarassing to me personally and to D.

Or the time I was transfered 7 times & disconnected twice trying to get a replacement HD box & RF remote ordered for a customer. After telling the reps exactly what I needed done to resolve the customers problem I get the "Thats xxx department let me transfer you".

Or today, go to do a HD upgrade to a customer, no one was home. Why? Because D* sent me to their OLD address from two months ago. Funny thing is, the customer used the movers connection two months ago. So how does that happen? (this has happened on other occasions).

Or the countless workorders that are wrong from D*. Like for example, a workorder showing a 3x4 MS on a install with the world direct ODU. Nope, won't work, need a 4x4, 4x8 or 6x8.

I can go on, but this will just degrade into a pi****g match.

Both sides have issues with people who have no idea what to do.

This thread should be locked before it gets to ugly.
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