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1. world hunger
2. Al-quaida flying planes into our buildings
3. inflation
4. stock market collapse
5. unemployment (except for direct tv installers of course).
6. Monopolization of the cable industry
7. BILL GATES (charlie hates him, i think)
8. communism (charlie will have to go in a time wrap for that one)
9. trade deficit
10. high gasoline prices (automatic discount for dish installers i think).

... must be more but i have no time left ...MUST GO WRITE CONGRESSMAN ON BENEFITS OF MERGER ... not sure why exactly but it's something pavlovian.


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  • Will prove to be a cure for the common cold
  • Eliminate mad cow disease and West Nile Virus
  • Will innoculate everyone for small pox and anthrax if you remove and reinsert smart card on your DishPlayer
  • Whether bin laden is dead or alive
  • How Jim Ferguson ever came to be labeled a film 'critic'
  • How TNGTony types so fast
  • Where Bob Haller is hiding
  • Who really shot Kennedy
  • Why Miss Kelly doesn't answer her emails! ;) (private joke, sorry!)
  • Everything but declining picture quality, DishPlayer blinkouts and buggy E* software releases! :D

Great post, gowilk!

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Originally posted by gowilk
mr Moderator:??????????????????

NON-DBS topic for this one... i fear ur merger/e* bias is showing a bit

if you can't take a little sarcasm ... u MUST be related to Charlie Ergen


What is wrong with this topic? How did the moderator show bias? In waht way can't he take sarcasm?

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I think he means the fact that this was originally posted in the General forum, but moved to laughter.

%&$# moderators! No matter where you go, they never please us posters! :D ;)
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