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Thinking about switching...

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We were with DTV for years, then switched to Dish when they got our locals and DTV did not offer them. DTV finally got locals in our market (negotiated the last network this past May) and we are no longer under contract with Dish. So we are thinking about changing and I want to make sure my justification is sufficient.

With Dish we currently serve four rooms with two 722 receivers and one 612 receiver with AT200 and pay about $120 per month.

We seem to consistently have issues with these receivers... we have swapped out two 722's and three 612's in the last couple of years. Plus they have had issues with keeping the locals negotiated, we have been without a time or two, granted it was a short time... then AMC for a while. We just have not been particularly satisfied.

If we switch to DTV we would go with the Genie and three C31 minis with the Premier package and only pay about $75 for the first three months and then it jumps to about what we are paying now with Dish for the rest of the year. After that, it jumps up to about $140 per month for the second year.

For two years, comparing the two and considering we get $100 off for a referral and paying the shipping on sending the Dish receivers back... then buying an AM21 ATSC tuner for our main room... it all comes out to about the same cost. However, we do get the Premium channels with DTV, although we don't care much for them, other than I get to watch a few boxing matches. We could actually save if we just went with basically the same channels we have now and not worry with the Premium channels. We would get them for three months, but over the full two years we could save quite a bit.

I want to make sure we are not missing anything. I think the channels are pretty much the same and it appears we will get everything we like in HD. I like that ESPNU is HD. And as stated above, we'll get a little more for at least three months. Is there anything that we are going to lose from Dish if we swap? Are there any particular functions with the receivers that are drastically different?

EDIT: Thought of another question... ordering online with DTV there appears to be zero up front cost. Is this all pretty much the same if I order from a local dealer?

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I can't address the Dish questions as I've never had Dish, but I recommend you price your order online but then call it in.
You may get other 'freebies' (like the AM21) or even swap out the premiums for something else (sports package?). Make sure you mention that you are leaving Dish. You could end up with the same deal/price, but you may get something better. And if it is more expensive, you politely say 'I'll let you know after I've talked with my spouse" and then order online. Good luck.
It looks like Costco has the $200 cash card going on right now... through 12/4/12.

My wife and I have considered Costco membership previously, but were not sure if we would ever make up the $55 membership fee since they are about 50 miles north of us and we are only buying for two folks. We just don't have to have a whole lot... we eat out too much. This would take care of that for us with some shopping change to spare.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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