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If you are only wanting SD you can use a Dish500 pointed at 110, 119 which will get you most if not all of your SD channels. If you need HD PM your phone or account number and I will be happy to see what options are available.

John the Trainer said:

Been a Dish subscriber for over 12 years, and I'm thinking about upgrading some of my stuff. Last upgrade I did involved adding a new LNB, multiswitch, and second receiver. I did all the work, even made the cables. Bought the hardware from amazon/ebay. It's older stuff, no HD.

So, I have one LNB pointing at 119. (I think that's right.) Anyway, I'm paying for the 200 channel package but I don't get some of the channels, probably because they're on a different satellite.

I'd like to get all the channels I'm paying for. What's it take from where I'm at? Can I just buy some outdoor hardware and make it happen? Can I call Dish and get an upgrade?

Fwiw I don't need DVR. I use an antenna for local terrestrials because of TV market weirdness...I'm in the middle of three markets, plus I do use the alternate channels. (where I live I can get about 40 channels OTA :))
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