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Thinking of switching to T-Mobile

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I live in central CT (Berlin) and my daughter is really bugging me to get a cellphone. My plan is to switch from Verizon (which works in my house) to T-Mobile, get a family plan with 3 phones plus their new voip service (unlimited text too). This would increase my costs about $20 per month.

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Answer these three questions - does T-Mobile work:

- in your home
- where you travel/commute
- in your office (or kids school)

You will get loads of stories about why vendor V is better than A or T or whatever; all that matters is does the carrier have service where you need it.

Had T-Mobile for years (great for international travel) and it has been fine. WHole family has it (and I have it for work).
My suggestion is a little broader than njblackberry's, do a full up trade study listing what all of your criteria is and rate all the competition against that criteria. The winner will be the one with the best value versus your criteria.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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