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This is old news, but since i haven't seen it here yet....

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swedish dish lena olin has been chosen to play sidney bristow's mom-apparently the head of SD-6's rival organization-next year on "alias"...she's been signed for sixteen episodes(roughly two third's of the season)...

if you want to get a good idea of how "groovy" this bit of casting really is, go find a copy of 1993's "romeo is bleeding" to get an idea of just how right she is for this role and this show...:goodjob:
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I think that Lena Olin's a great choice to play Sidney's mom. The only concern that I have is with the Rimbaldi sketch that we saw - it looked very much like Sidney, but the prophecy no longer applies to her as she took the trip and saw the mountain, so it was generally assumed that the sketch would be of her mother instead...and Lena Olin doesn't look like Jennifer Garner. As long as it gets explained in a way that makes sense somewhere along the line, I'll be happy. Alias is a great show!
i suspect artistic license will be taken(i seem to remember a photo of mom was shown at one point that was probably a dressed up pic of garner) where things like the sketch will look like olin from now on(or if they show flashback scenes, garner might be used for them-people do change a little when they get older..lol)
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