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Earl Bonovich said:

I don't think anyone thinks the problems are "fake" or are not happening.
But... when there are other posts, that the HR20 is a POS, or it fails every time... what are those that have no issues and are extremely HAPPY with the unit supposed to say?

Just like it is wrong to think that the problems are NOT happening... it is equally wrong to think that no one out there have units that have no issues at all.

I for example have very few problems. And now have two HR20's cranking along, with really no problems. And there are many others.
There are several people that I have helped here, that just can't get anything to work...

What get's attacked are the extreme attitudes on both sides of the statement. That one side is right, and the other side must obviously be wrong.

There are a significant amount of people out there that had no other option to DVR HD... they may not have been able to get OTA... or waivers for DNS HD. And the MPEG-4 HD-DVR even with it's issues, is more HD then they had before.

So yes... the "idiots" that are calling other idiots HAS to stop. and I mean it... it HAS to stop... or we will start to put people on "vacation" from the forum... some permantly.

This is a place where people can ask questions, get help, and have quality discussions...

Is the HR20 perfect? No...
But how long it takes to come close to that point... we can only gauge as the software releases come out..
You go Earl, I have two as well, not perfect but getting better with each update! I owned a C-Band Satellite business in the 80's and think a number of these HD local problems are coming from the Channels themselves. I talked with an engineer here in atlanta that handles Channel 46 HD OTA and DTV link and after complaining about freeze-ups and audio problems he traced it to a faulty "format encoder" that he has now sent back to the factory for repair. Not all problems are coming from these new receivers. Also, very very precise aiming of these new AT9 dishes will help greatly. They must be meter at the dish only installed, no self installs!

Mod Note: I edited the quoted text to match my revision, for typo's and clarity
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