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Old DTivo user but upgraded in 2008 to HR21 to get HD and not really happy with the HR21. Never really was. Unit had audio skips and missed recordings in the beginning, which the tivo NEVER did. But it got more reliable and SLOWER as time went on. The new HD GUI was PIG-DOG-SLOW on our until the latest software. (8-10 SECONDS for the list to appear before, now back to about 1.5-2 seconds)

Anyone who actually HAS a THR22 and had an older HR20-HR23 (not HR24 or HR34 as those are suppose to be faster) how is the speed of the THR22 to moving around the gui? The HR21 is really NOT that great compared to the "other" sat comapny's DVR.

-I have a single HD TV and send the rest a SD signal over coax, so I won't miss MRV.
-Don't think the new HD GUI brings ANYTHING to the table other than being total eye candy, as there isn't any more information on any of the screens, so I won't miss that.
- I don't use Youtube etc on this box (Have a Win7 Media Center connected to main TV for ALL other viewing/media options and KICKS the HRs ^%$# at that)
-Don't use Kidpix or any other HR features.
-Don't use any of the added features that my DTivo SD DRV40 didn't have except HD and DIRECT2PC.

So, is the tivo unit FASTER and smoother at normal operational things? THAT would make my TV experience better actually...


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Just received our THR22 yesterday, swapped for an HR20. The last straw was the lack of trick play in the PIG on the HR20 (I know, excessively geeky), we always preferred the lack of live TV in the TiVo interface.
TiVo interface is definitely more responsive.
DLB (dual live buffers) seems more intuitive to me though I never really used DoublePlay that much either.
We don't use MRV so no loss there for us.
I do miss the blue single line channel guide.

Like a lot of folks who've ordered the TiVo box, when the installer arrived he didn't have the box with him (ordering glitch at customer service, though I repeated several times and the CSR confirmed that I was receiving the THR-22), but fortunately his supervisor was kind enough to drive one over, took an extra half-hour tops, installation in total was an hour and change, mostly setting up the remote settings etc., the actual "hook-up" was under two minutes (same power supply!).

We'd had the HR20 almost six years! Free 'upgrade' per the CSR but no self-installation, and of course the obligatory two-year commitment which is fine as I still believe D* is the best option here for TV viewing. (I tried to order online and was going to self-install but couldn't raise that option, that's why I called in. I suggest calling in always for a major purchase!)
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