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I kinda like the monkey, but I'm more annoyed with those stupid Thunder-Stix. God, if you can't get excited for a game without banging to hollow tubes together for artificial noise, GO HOME! :D

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That's the point. They wake the Angels fans up to cheer! They are loud. I was at the 1st game where they were given out back in July against Seattle when Ortiz pitched against Garcia. A's had them for one game too in the playofs.

Why are they banned in the other sports? I didn't know that. I'll send you a pair John. :)

I thought ASU being down 35-17 was too much for them. I was happy to see them win and the Ducks lose. Then UCLA loses twice with the game and Paus' broken ankle. He's out the year.

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They are banned because they are too loud. Remember even the NFL has rules about noise....

Arizona Republic story on noise sticks

But the noisemakers will become collector's items after this season because the Pacific-10 Conference has banned them at football games starting in 2003.

Wald said the conference believes they promote "negative behavior." The NCAA prohibits them at all indoor sporting events.

Scott Brubaker, marketing director for the Arizona Diamondbacks, has said that the team won't distribute bangers during his watch because they are annoying.
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