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Thursday 9/26/2 MLB Schedule

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11:05 AM PT/2:05 PM ET
Red Sox (NESN & EI 754) @ White Sox (WGN/WGN Superstation)

11:20 AM PT/2:20 PM ET
Reds @ Cubs (FSN Chicago & EI 755)

12:05 PM PT/3:05 PM ET
Angels (FSN West & EI 765) @ Rangers (KDFI)

3:35 PM PT/6:35 PM ET
Athletics @ Mariners (FSN Northwest & EI 756)

4:05 PM PT/7:05 PM ET
Marlins (WPXM) @ Expos
Devil Rays (FSN Florida) @ Yankees (YES & EI 759) Postponed. No Makeup announced, yet.
Braves (TBS Superstation) @ Phillies (CSN Philadelphia) Postponed. No makeup announced, yet.
Mets (FSN New York) @ Pirates (FSN Pittsburgh & EI 758) Cancelled. Will not be rescheduled. Weather.
Orioles (CSN MidAtlantic/FSN South Alternate & EI 757) @ Blue Jays (Total Sports Net)

5:05 PM PT/8:05 PM ET
Tigers (FSN Detroit & EI 761) @ Royals
Indians (FSN Ohio) @ Twins (FSN North-Minnesota & EI 760)

5:10 PM PT/8:10 PM ET
Brewers (FSN North-Wisconsin) @ Cardinals (FSN Midwest & EI 762)

6:35 PM PT/9:35 PM ET
Rockies (FSN Rocky Mountain & EI 763) @ Diamondbacks (KTVK)

7:10 PM PT/10:10 PM ET
Padres (4 San Diego) @ Dodgers (FSN West 2 & EI 764)

Added Angels FSN West ad EI coverage.
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If the Angels haven't made the playoffs as the sun sets off the Coast of Hawaii, the Angels will pickup the Rangers feed tomorrow (Thursday) at noon and show that on FSN West. :)
This 8th inning stuff is getting irritating. Nah, there's no ghosts from 1995 around. :)

Listen up, DirecTV! Angels will be televising now on Thursday. It's the Rangers feed from KDFI (Rangers 27) that will be on FSN West. Angels audio/Rangers video. On FSN West at 12:00pm PT. That should be EI channel 765 which hopefully will be added on Thursday MORNING sometime. If you want to put the Rangers feed in EI then look on c-band around 11:15am PT. You probably know the coords for that anyway.

The important thing is for Angels fans to continue to fight the good fight. I don't know if losing 6 out of 7 a week before the playoffs is a good thing, but we aren't done yet. :) Still 4 games to play.
Angels game on FSN West at 3 PM ET will likely not be blacked out to Multisports subs on E*, since the game does not appear in the EPG. The same is not true on D*. It looks as though it is being added to EI on channel 765 at this time.
Kudos to DirecTV! I'm shocked. :)

Wish I was home to see the game. Listening on radio instead. What are the graphics like on the telecast? Is the chyron up top reading "Rangers 27" on the Angels feed?
It is the Rangers KDFI27 covered most of the time with FOX Sports Net. :)

Imagine watching MLB on DISH Network from a FSN when you live in the Phillies Territory. :)
It's over. We made it, finally! Only ghosts I'm seeing tonight are on the Travel Channel Haunted Hotel shows. :D

What I'm disappointed about is that the game is not being replayed tonight on FSN West for those of us that missed it during the day and didn't tape it. Dodgers replay day games at 7 on the same night, but the Angels and FSN are not tonight. NHL Kings pre-season special and Romey shows seem to be more important. I would think a replay would generate more eyes to the channel, but I must not be thinking rationally. Anyway, Angels in 4 next week. Game 1 goes to the Halos, Game 2 for NY, Game 3 on Friday in ANA goes to the Angels and series over on Saturday in Anaheim. :) On to the next round and the A's. I can't wait until Tuesday now.
I've got to say this.......The Monkey is finally off the Angels back.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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