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Do you think Tiger is better than Nicklaus? If so, how do you define ‘better’?

To me, as progress marches forward you can’t compare scores now to scores 50 years ago. For instance when a player beats a record set 30 years ago I really don’t consider that a tremendous accomplishment, considering the quality of equipment (metal shafts, wood-head drivers, ball development was poor). However, I think it is certainly possible to compare majors wins.

Personally, I think if Jack at 26 had the same equipment nowadays I think he’d be very, very competitive to Tiger. It’s still hard to say (Tiger has 7 majors now at 26?, Jack had 6) but time will tell. I think Tiger is starting to burn himself out (did you see him in the Master’s press conference afterward?) so I would expect (and think it would be the best for him) him to go a little ‘lighter’ in the next couple of years and really make a comeback in his 30s. For crying out loud he’s only 26! Take some time off, golf in the Keys or Hawaii or England for a year or two and relax. Doesn’t do you any good to burn out (or seriously hurt yourself) at such a young age!
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