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Timer/Annoying flashing clock icon

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I've got a 301 and I like to set it up to do an auto-tune every now and then, and I'll have my vcr programmed to start recording at the right time.

This usually works pretty well, but I've noticed that if a timer is about to function, about 10 minutes before the channel changes it starts flashing this annoying clock icon on the screen. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? It's a real pain in the butt to try to watch stuff I've recorded with this stupid clock blinking all the time.
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When it comes up hit INFO then SELECT (OK) - goes away.

But yes it will still pop up when the time comes, but its easy to send it away!
Until they update the software to allow the user to have it not come on, you are stuck with it while recording programs to a VCR when your not home. Like dmodemd said, you can hit the info then select or just hit the cancel button on the remote.
It should only be 5 minutes before the timer event. But yes, you are stuck with it for now..
The Personal TV's had a nice warning onscreen before auto-tuning or recording. I can't imagine a message can be patented.
I agree there should be an option to shut off the blinking timer permanantly, especially when you have a dual tuner PVR, who cares what the second tuner is doing when your watching the first.

I can see when the both tuners are about to be used to warn you the show you are watching will be changing soon.
IIRC, E* told me that not enough people have complained about it to make it worthwhile to make a change.

I guess Joe Sixpack sees it and says "Wow! Look at that blinking clock ! Cool !".

Considering the quality of most programs these days, the clock is probably more interesting. ;)
The clock does not bother me, but it bugs the hell out of my wife, who will lunge to grab the remote from my hand if the clock is blinking so she can get it off the screen. :)
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