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TiVo Might Rue Arrival of DTV

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The VCR has given way to TiVo, but consumers who have shelled out hundreds of dollars for digital video recorders could be out of luck in the near future.

Broadcasters are scheduled to begin delivering digital TV signals in 2006, giving consumers better picture and sound quality in their homes. However, Hollywood is threatening to withhold its movies unless cable companies are given the right to prohibit taping of shows. Since the new signals will deliver perfect copies to the home, the entertainment companies want to protect their content.

Electronics manufacturers believe this is an attempt to hijack their products, putting them at the mercy of movie studios while taking away the rights consumers have come to expect when using their VCRs, according to Michael Petricone, a member of the Home Recording Rights Coalition.

The biggest blow would be for consumers who have already purchased a TiVo or ReplayTV, two of the most popular digital video recorders. The devices can't handle digital signals, making them obsolete when DTV becomes the standard.

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This would be a problem for all PVR users, but if there is enough penetration, congress would step in as Mike has pointed out in the NFL ST thread. If millions of people would lose their PVRs, congress would have to act...
Well, then millions and millions of NTSC TVs would also have to be obsolete, because the current standalone digital PVRs receive TV signals no different than your NTSC TV sets.
I don't see how this would affect integrated units like D-Tivo's & E* PVR's - since they are integrated w/the DBS receiver, it's really a non-issue for DBS PVR's as well.
Millions and millions of VCRs are also incompatible. At least stand-alone TiVos have that dataport on them that could be used with a digital OTA STB if it came with one. I seem to recall SA TiVos being used this way with D* boxes when they first came out.
This is another case of someone trying to create a problem where none really exists.

Anything that is solely compatible with today's analog signals will be incompatible with digital signals, unless some sort of converter is used. That means TVs, VCRs, PVRs. And if a converter is used, it'll work just fine with a Tivo or ReplayTV unit.

Some people just can't see the forest for the trees...
They cant just step in and say we cant use tivo's and other pvr's can they after the market for this has really being getting more popular, a lot of people put money into it, and all of this preventing technology from advancing can they?
I am sure it is Jack Valenti's fondest wish to see PVRs become obsolete. It isn't going to happen! :D
Probably not. With all the cable companies getting into the act, there will be millions of PVRs in the next few years....
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