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I moved this thread to the General Discussion area, as it has more to do then with just DirecTV..

As none of the listed features are available on the DirecTivo combination units.

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TiVo Bombards Industry with Announcements

DVR pioneer TiVo unleashed a barrage of announcements detailing the company's
new comprehensive broadband strategy aimed at giving consumers even greater
control over their television choices. Through the unveiling of the company's plan,
TiVo is looking to make broadband-delivered video to the TV as simple a process
as possible.

Unified Search -- Set to launch next year, TiVo's unified search function allows
consumers to search across broadcast, cable and broadcast content sources
through a seamless application integrating all video for easy access, menuing,
searching, recording and viewing. Unified search will let consumers wanting
content from many sources to be found in one place - TiVo's "Now Playing" list.

ICM -- As broadband expands the options of viewers, the company said
celebrity talent has become critical search criteria for finding programming.
Through a new partnership between TiVo and talent agency International
Creative Management, subscribers will be able to receive TV show and film
recommendations personally selected by well-known Hollywood actors and
directors and have the content recorded automatically on their TiVo boxes.

Home Movies Service -- Working with One True Media, TiVo is now offering
a new service feature providing friends and families spread across the country
with a new way to share their home videos by sending them directly to a TV set.
Rather than burning and mailing DVDs, or viewing videos uploaded on a pc,
recipients will now be able to set up their own private channel to send home
videos directly to another subscriber's TV.

Autotranscode -- TiVo subs who upgrade to this new PC software will be able to
easily browse, transfer, and watch a vast amount of web video on their televisions.
According to the company, even if the content is not originally in a format that
televisions can display, the autotranscoder will convert the video through the
PC for viewing on the TV.

Service Programming Partners -- The DVR company signed a group of media
companies, like CBS Interactive, to deliver original programming created for the
web directly to televisions through the TiVoCast service. Other companies involved
in the partnership for broadband content include Reuters, Forbes, dLife, Plum TV
and Nano.

www.SkyReport.com - used with permission

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TiVo signed CBS Interactive to deliver original programming created for the web directly to TV through the TiVoCast service. TiVo also signed partners to deliver broadband content to the TV including Reuters, Forbes, dLife, Plum TV and Nano.

TiVoCast brings content to TV by offering broadband video previously found only in the web and not available on TV. CBS Interactive is the first network deal for TiVoCast, and will consist of original programming from CBS's online destinations like CBS.com, CBS's broadband channel innertube, CBSNews.com and CBS SportsLine.

Reuters, Forbes, dLife, Plum TV and Nano join a line-up of TiVoCast partners including the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA), The New York Times, Heavy, iVillage and CNET, among others. TiVoCast is included in the TiVo subscription fee and available to any broadband connected TiVo Series2 TiVo box, and later this year will be available on Series3 TiVo boxes.

For more information, visit http://www.tivo.com.

www.SkyRetailer.com - used with permission

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