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To Do List bug... new or old?

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Sorry if this has already been reported, but my cursory search didn't find anything... At any rate, I had apparently left the DVR on Sat night and when I tried to use it Sunday morning it wouldn't respond to the remote (Odd that it was on, since I almost always turn it off before going to bed). Having had occassional lockups in the past, I believe I summarily reset the machine via the red button, but at this point I don't recall whether I first tried to power cycle it via the front panel.

After it rebooted, I was reviewing my To Do List and noticed that it only had one item in the normally very long list although the status screen said there were 119 items to be recorded. The DVR didn't seem to have missed recording anything, so I tried deleting a few old shows (it still showed 30% or so free) and rebooting the DVR again to no avail.

Today, as far as I can tell scheduled recordings continue to be recorded, but the To Do List only shows one item, the Giants game from last night. Very strange. Now, I believe the To Do List was fine on Saturday, but I can't be certain.

This box is still running 0xE3, and other than occasional transient glitches I haven't experienced any serious problems with this unit.

So, is this a known/reported problem, or is this something new?

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I have this same problem. Since I am on the east coast, I have not received the 0xEB update either. Over on another thread (http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=64460) mrshermanoaks said that the 0xEB update solved his problem with the to do list, so I'm hoping the same will be true for the rest of us.
Just what I was looking for, thanks for the pointer! I'm in Austin and have not received 0xEB yet, either. Guess I'll just have to wait...

Just wondering, did the 0xEF update fix your To Do List problems?
It did not fix mine. I currently have only one item in my to do list--a show from two days ago!
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