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Tonights Mole Execution

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So who was suprised by tonights victim?
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Tonight was the first time I have seen this show.

I didn't get it. :D

If I had to guess I would say Al is the mole.
Especially, given the early clue deductions. Even without that, I thought Bribs was flying WAY low on the radar. Of course, we're probably the victims of editing.

I never saw tonight's clue, unless it was
the usual odd flashing and timing of the map location. They were in ROME: the R flashed twice, the O quickly thereafter, then the M and the E three times as usual. Some sort of Morse code?

I have no idea who the Mole is now... could be any of em.
For what's it's worth...

* The entire Crossbow-Biathlon team from the first episode has been eliminated.
* All of the guards who stood in the seventh episode were executed in the following three episodes.
* My prime candidate for the mole still survives.
And his name is Bill
i watched it for the first time last night-haven't i seen the old guy before???
I really doubt that there is a clue in how the city name is spelled out. That said, here's what I think the clue was for last night.

During the quiz, they usually mouse over the possible answers, but never select one. One of the questions was "In what order was the mole interviewed?" This time they click and select the answer "4". At the very end of the show, they interview the contestants and ask if they are the mole (all say no, incidentally). The fourth contestant interviewed is Bill, and I continue to believe he is the mole. (Although the end of show interviews take place after the quiz, I think the clue is provided for the home viewers only, and does not refer to the same interviews that the question on the quiz really refers to, since most people don't have a way to go back and see who was interviewed fourth prior to the quiz.)
Aaakkkkk! I was so sure it was Bribbs! Z'Loth - I agree with you now about who the mole is.
I agree with Z'loth, timf, and Mark now, especially since in the July 9th show
At the beginning, when you get the rapidly changing green letters and Anderson says "Watch for the hidden clue", watch the upper left part of the screen. Instead of just random letters, you see plainly "AdMiRaL". I looked at the July 16th opening, and it's not there, nor was it in the opening show (God bless TiVo... all episodes on demand :) ). Also, at the end of the July 16th show, they do the dramatic music and zoom in on each remaining player. Under Dorothy's face it says WHO, under Al is IS, under Heather is THE, and guess what's under Bill's smiling face: MOLE? Someone in the TiVo forum mentioned that many people blink repeatedly while lying. When asked point blank (along with the other players at the end of the show) if he is the Mole, you almost want to hand him a kleenex to wipe his eyes. He's blinkin faster than Arthur Andersen shreds documents. ;)

I was so wrong about Mole 1. If my suspect goes out next round, I give up. ;) I still can't figure out the Blueberry game clue.
After the most recent execution there are 4 players left. At the end of the show ABC teases the next show by doing quick cutaways to each player's face while asking the question "WHO IS THE MOLE?" Four words in the sentence and solo pictures of each player above the single word. I'm pretty sure the picture of the player that flashes above the word MOLE in that sequence is the true mole.
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