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THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE HUMOR - so if you're looking for serious information, check out Earl's software update threads. :)

[Earl - this is dedicated to you, for all your hard work (and lack of sleep)]

TOP 10 LIST OF HR20 NON-BUGS (these were reported to be bugs by at least one person): :D

10) HR20 won't start, blue lights don't go on....unit must be "dead" (guess someone forgot to plug it in)

9) HR20 won't record programs on demand (pressed play button, not record)

8) HR20 doesn't remember to record programs I wanted to record (guess I need to tell it what those were, huh)

7) HR20 does not receive local Over The Air (OTA) channels (oh yeah, that one's real for now)

6) HR20 signal strength meter for almost all 99 sat transponders read N/A or Zero (guess D*TV needs to turn them on first, huh)

5) HR20 is making a rumbling, churning sound (nope, sorry, that's my stomach)

4) HR20 front panel blue lights are hypnotic (see a therapist)

3) HR20 doesn't have Tivo software (that's by design, thank goodness)

2) HR20 won't work right when my wife uses the remote (training opportunity)

and now...

#1) HR20 caller ID won't work at all (oh yeah, I guess a phone line connection might come in handy...) :lol:

Thank goodness, I have not had any of these problems with my HR20, and it just keeps on keepin' on. :D

*** and now, a new bonus one ---

I forgot to install my B band connectors in the box, and ya know what, I have no problems at all ! (actually, this really may be a potential "fix" to many of the problems people have been reporting - apparently, if you don't hook up those "slim-jim" rectangular plastic things between the HR20 and your inbound sat connections, most problems go bye-bye. Who woulda thought?
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