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I have a Hopper/ 2 Joey system scheduled for an install next week, switching from DTV.
I've read about all the bugs, but I want to know how bad it really is. Do the receivers freeze or botch recordings daily? My DTV receiver is slow, but it never has a glitch. If my wife has to reset receivers a few times a week, she's gonna freak out. At this point, I'm not even sure if I can back out of my Dish agreement, being it hasn't been installed yet...I may have to eat the early cancellation fee if it's as bad as it seems. Right now I need 2 more receivers, so if I stuck with DTV, I'd have to sign another 2 yr agreement which I don't want to do.
Should get a regular Dish DVR and 2 simple receivers because they're more reliable. Or would a USB fan on the hopper be the thing to try?
Any thoughts?
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Considering this side of the board you're going to get more positive reviews than negative. With that said a service agreement doesn't start until service is activated and installed. Companies can do non refundable fees on order, DISH does not to my knowledge, but they can't sign you into a service agreement until service has been established. Even then they have to give you 24 hours to leave the service.

The biggest thing is to make sure you know exactly how the tuners work compared to your DIRECTV system.
I've had a single hopper/ 3 joey system since April or so. Are there some bugs? Yes. I find them to be irritants but rarely if ever have they cost me anything as far as programming. I think I may have lost one program along the way but the positives outweigh the negatives by such a large margin that I'm a very happy camper even with the occasional glitch. And it is occasional, at least in my case. I've never had DTV so can't compare to that.
I have had a Hopper/ 2 Joey setup for about a month. I have had a couple issues, but I am pleased.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong ... I've had the Hopper setup since the first weekend back in March and I have not had the "it is a complete pile of human waste" experience that some portray as common.

I can't tell you if your setup will be a perfect dream or a nightmare ... but if you want out of the deal before you even try it cancelling the install should not cost you anything (unless you purchased through a reseller with their own cancellation rules).

People tend to complain more than praise ... I hope that if you do follow through with the install yours is a good experience.
I honestly haven't had any bad experiences with the Hopper.
Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll keep my installation date and not worry
about it.
Shades post is pretty spot on about cancelling minus 1 bit. With dish there is no 24 hour buffer. Once the tech leaves the contract is on and its a done deal. I have had to deal with cancellation calls 10 minutes after the tech leaves and trust me when I say this is something that Dish doesn't budge on.
Two major publications, Sound & Vision Magazine and Home Theater Magazine have extensive reviews of Dish's Hopper/Joey DVR system in their just released September issues. Both magazines reviewers rate the system as almost a no-brainer to own. They loved it and gave it their highest recommendations. These two reviewers are not roll over patsies. They have a reputation of being very critical and doggedly root out any problems or weak points. Dish must have done a very good job and should reap the benefits based on these two reviews. I love my 722 but I see a Hopper in my future. 2 TB hard drive. Woof!
squidly said:
I have a Hopper/ 2 Joey system scheduled for an install next week, switching from DTV.
I've read about all the bugs, but I want to know how bad it really is.
What bugs?
I've had to unplug and restart mine once since March. That's it.
Hopper +3.
Had mine for 4 months...had to be reset 3 times since....compaired to a 922, I would say it way ahead !
I have read those reviews, and it sounds like a slick setup.
Canceling 10 minutes after installation is a tad insane.
I promise to wait a full 30 minutes ;)
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