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TP 2 & 6 on 129; Signal issues

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Does anyone know why DISH uses these two weak transponders for the Denver HD locals on TP 2 and Big Ten Network on TP 6. For whatever reason, these two transponders 30 - 40% below the strength of other 129 transponders.

I know 129 is not in the best shape, but watching the Ohio State - Youngstown State game was very difficult to constant drop outs. Changing channels from ESPN2 to any of the Denver HD locals sometimes takes a minute to get a signal. By teh way, the weather in Colorado are completely clear today.

The range of signals strength is as follows:

110 Low 52 on TP 23, High 98 on TP 12
119 Low 41 on TP 16, High 57 on TP 19
129 Low 12 on TP 2, 6, High 31 on TP 13

Actually, TP 18 with a 10 on 129 is the lowest, but I do not think that TP actually has anything on it.

Geographically I am at 40-09-49.217N / 105-09-46.933W. (just south of an airport at this location by 1/4 mile). DISH should be at A: 183 E: 42 S:101. Unfortunately, the DISH 1000 does not have markings on it to check the above setting, like the DISH 300 or DISH 500 had.

So, should I go through the trouble of getting the Dish 1000 re-peaked, get a larger Dish or wait until they replace the 129 satellite? Or, is there some kind of signal booster I can place in line between my receiver (VIP 622 and VIP 311) and the satellite?

Any ideas would be welcome.
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On 129 I get about 25 on Tp6 and 45 on tp31. I got that after relocating my wing dish myself. Different location, but....
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