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Trees or Realign?

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We have what might be called a challenging installation point with a gap in the trees roughly around the 101 location and I'm trying to gather data to figure out if its an alignment issue or trees growing/leafing. In Feb we had a 5LNB HD upgrade (AU9) and the 101 was peaked in 95-100, and 99/103/110 were in the high 70s to high 80s. 119 was 50s-60s and useless, but we know that and it's obviously trees.

A few weeks ago we started to get some pixeling and I checked levels and all our HDs are down to the 60s-70s.

The question is: Is there an alignment issue that would be consistent with very high levels remaining at the 101 and dropped levels on all the other satellites?

I'd guess it was the trees except the 99 is down the same as the other HDs and that tree's an evergreen. And the 110 should further into the trees that leafedout but has higher values than the 103.

Obviously the answer is to call DirecTV, but we've had less than stellar experiences with installers. (I'd play myself, but I'm terrified of heights.)
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It could be either alignment or trees at this point. Only way to know is for someone to get up there.
99/101/103 are all pretty close together. The odds of tree blocking 99/103 and not affecting 101 are pretty low. Since both your 99 and 103 signals have dropped I'm going lean towards an alignment issue.

I'd check the dish to make everything is secure on it and then check out some of the videos on aligning the dish and try tweaking it yourself.
If anything can the dish go higher. Maybe a relocate? From your OP it seemed the tech didn't put it all the way up ?
Set your receivers on one of the transponders in question when you get high winds and see if signal fluctuates at all. If it doesnt then its alignment issue.
*blushes* that's so obvious. And we're on cape cod, we have plenty of wind to check that!
Didn't even get a chance, they got an installer here the day after I called. He was late, so DirecTV gave me a credit for $100. He fixed it in about an hour. The side bracket thingies came undone and it got a little out of alignment. So yay for TV again!
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