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Most of the time my two HR21-700 work great. I have never had a missed show or any re-boots, and other than the problem of the clocks losing about 60 seconds per month they both work nearly flawlessly.

Except, I have noticed that trick play sometimes is very very slow. When it works, I can skip forward 30 seconds in about 1/2 second. When it gets slow, a 30 second skip forward takes about 4 or 5 seconds.

Lately my wife and I noticed the only time trick play gets slow is when viewing shows recorded on OTA CBS. If I view a CBS show live and hit pause for a while, then use 30 second skip to go through the commercials, it works fine. If I hit record to record that same show, trick play is very slow when I view the recording.

I haven't tried to record the MPEG 4 version of CBS shows. I guess I will and report the results. Not all CBS shows have this problem, but "Flashpoint" is an example of one that always seems to have the problem.
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