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bpratt said:
Most of the time my two HR21-700 work great. I have never had a missed show or any re-boots, and other than the problem of the clocks losing about 60 seconds per month they both work nearly flawlessly.

Except, I have noticed that trick play sometimes is very very slow. When it works, I can skip forward 30 seconds in about 1/2 second. When it gets slow, a 30 second skip forward takes about 4 or 5 seconds.

Lately my wife and I noticed the only time trick play gets slow is when viewing shows recorded on OTA CBS. If I view a CBS show live and hit pause for a while, then use 30 second skip to go through the commercials, it works fine. If I hit record to record that same show, trick play is very slow when I view the recording.

I haven't tried to record the MPEG 4 version of CBS shows. I guess I will and report the results. Not all CBS shows have this problem, but "Flashpoint" is an example of one that always seems to have the problem.
I noticed this as well on my HR21-100 but with NBC. I wonder if it is more due to MPEG-2 recordings off the AM21 vs internal/SAT programs in MPEG-4? I never had problems with my older HR20 and built-in tuner.

This happened to me when recording the Olympics on 7-1 (NBC). The programs I recoded on 7 (NBC from DirecTV) do not show this problem, only the one from the AM21.

I saw similar behavior - pressing 30sec skip results in a 4 second pause, then the 30second icon comes up (only then can I hit the button multiple times), and it is very jerky. FF also exhibits problems at first click speed, jerkiness, pauses, watching it live is about the same speed! But FF x2 and more clicks fast forwards correctly. Can not reproduce this on programs recorded off the HD Sat Locals.
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