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Cable net Trio in June will air unedited versions of various theatrical films and documentaries during "uncensored month." And due to the controversial themes of the programming, everything aired under the uncensored banner will also run without commercials.

Includes two original specials:
Art & Outrage and TV's Most Censored Moments
The History of Pornography (six-part documentary)

The Last Temptation of Christ
The People vs. Larry Flynt
Stanley Kubrick's Lolita
Last Tango in Paris

Sandra Bernhard hosts.

Did anyone watch the "Sex TV" series on TRIO. I thought some of that was pretty interesting...

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The History of Porn :rolleyes:

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six hour dirty video:lol:

i've seen stanly kubricks lolita and you could probably show it uncut on disney these days(tho the pedophilia aspect of it is questionable-but if memory serves me right, i think kubrick had to age lolita to 18 to get it made back then)
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